the freedom & desire
to learn

helping children to discover a love of learning and unlock their full potential


Our Philosophy – Inspiring a Lifetime of Discovery


Our purpose as Early Childhood Educators is to activate your child’s own natural desire to learn. Partnering parents in the important mission of guiding your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development.

The children at A Country Garden are encouraged to love and marvel at the world around them through exploration, investigation and fulfilling their natural curiosity.

We believe that children should be free to develop at their own pace. We are here to help them discover a love of learning and to unlock their full potential, encouraging them to become confident and inspired individuals who carry a desire to seek and wonder for a lifetime.

A Country Garden Learning


The Story of A Country Garden - Montessori Based Education


Every story starts with an idea -
a seed ready to be planted and grown.

After completing a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education in Melbourne in 1963, Carol Keutmann went on to teach children in the preparatory years. Carol loved teaching children in the early years – their energy and love of learning. Their wide-eyed curiosity! This memory, Carol carried with her over the years.

After raising her own brood (six in total!), with husband Leo, Carol had a great desire to re-enter the world of early childhood education. After spending time working in Toowoomba in a special program introducing children with special needs into early childhood services, Carol had an opportunity to work as a Director in an early childhood centre.

A Country Garden Teacher

It is during this time, that Leo and Carol began exploring the opportunity of opening their own early childhood centre with the focus on creating a home-like environment that placed a great emphasis on early childhood education. In February, 1996, A Country Garden Early Childhood Centre – Willow House, opened its doors. The seed planted over thirty years ago, had budded and grown!

Forming a partnership in 2003, with daughter Jane, and her husband Mark Naug, the newly founded team opened A Country Garden Early Childhood Centre – Jacaranda House, in 2004.

Now 20 years on, A Country Garden Early Childhood Centres has forged a reputation in early childhood care and education in the Toowoomba region. We still place a great emphasis on creating an intimate, homely and communal environment, continually striving for excellence in quality and personal attention. As Manager of both centres, Mark Naug has a daily presence and is actively involved in the daily operation of our centres. Living locally and having their own children attend the Centres, has given Mark and Jane the added advantage of viewing life at the centres through the lenses of parents.  

A Country Garden Kindergarten

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