Day Care Centres with a Difference

At A Country Garden, we are passionate about providing the best possible learning environment for your child. One of the best day care centres in the South Toowoomba, Harristown, Westbrook and Darling Heights areas, you can be sure your child will be well looked after with us. We specialise in early education and aim to create a positive and supportive atmosphere for all the children at our day care centres.

Our programs are varied and constructed specifically for each age group. Strawberry Patch is for children aged 6 weeks to 2 years, where we focus on fostering a safe environment for babies. Professional educators who have been carefully selected will look after your child and you can rest assured that they will be safe with us. We understand how important it is to you to leave your child with someone trustworthy.

Blueberry lane is for children 2–3 years old, where we encourage group play for toddlers and they learn how to interact with others. Lemon Grove Pre-kindergarten is for children aged 3–4 years old. Their curiosity has now peaked and we provide them with activities and knowledge for them to truly excel. Apple Orchid Kindergarten is suited to children aged 4–5 years old, and maintains the Montessori method while also offering a Queensland Government approved curriculum. We also offer outside school care for Prep to Year 6 children, as well a Holiday Club for prep to Year 6 children during school holidays. This includes fun and interactive day trips for kids during school holidays to keep them entertaining and always learning.

Montessori Learning

Our Montessori-based education programs mean we are advocates for self-directed activity, where education is hands on and collaborative. This type of learning focuses on tapping into the child’s natural way of development. It encourages them to fulfil their own curiosity, as they discover the world around them through natural exploration. Children can learn and develop at their own pace, in a supportive and positive space.

Our day care centres are beautifully decorated places, designed for a specific age group so that their surroundings directly correlate to and inevitably aid, their learning development.

Contact us today

‘Inspiring a lifetime of discovery’ is our mission at A Country Garden. Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you would like to find out more about us, our child care services or our education methods.

Call us on (07) 4635 0818 today and speak to one of our friendly staff about your child today. Our opening hours are 6am – 6pm. We are located at Jacaranda House or Willow House on Drayton Road. We also have day care centres in Darling Heights and Harristown in Toowoomba, Queensland.