Vibrant and Supportive Kindergarten

Finding a kindergarten that suits your child’s needs can be a challenging task. At A Country Garden, we are the perfect location for children in Harristown, Westbrook, South Toowoomba and Darling Heights. We are dedicated to providing only the highest level of childcare, always nurturing your child to develop and grow at their own pace. We shape our curriculum to accommodate a child’s growing needs and are flexible in the learning resources we can provide. We always have the child’s best interest at heart and understand that laying down strong foundations is imperative at this early stage of development.

Following a model of Montessori-based education programs, we are advocates for self-directed learning. This means we encourage children to have curiosity and discover their surroundings at their natural pace in a supportive learning environment. We find children respond well to this style of education and develop well naturally. 

The early education experts

Boasting over 20 years of experience as an early childhood educator, we are the experts. Carol Keutmann, the visionary behind A Country Garden, completed a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education in Melbourne. She then went on to teach children in the preparatory years and discovered her passion for teaching and nurturing young children in a schooling environment. This passion was made even clearer to her as she raised a family of her own. Inspired to open her own child care centre, this vision soon became a reality when A Country Garden finally opened its doors to offer premium child care and kindergarten services for the Harristown, Westbrook, South Toowoomba and Darling Heights areas.

Now with years of experience, we are the specialists and have tailored programs for children of all ages. Our Apple Orchard Kindergarten program is Government approved and also incorporates values of the Montessori method. This is kept consistent with our other early education programs as children are constantly encouraged to learn at their own pace as we value imaginative curiosity and exploration.

A safe and supportive space for your child

At A Country Garden, we constantly strive to create a positive environment for children and educators. We find this encourages learning as they are in a happy and safe place that is supportive and conducive to exploration and discovery.

If you would like any more information on our services or want to find out more about our programs, just contact us. Our friendly and highly trained educators are happy to talk to you about the different options for your child. We understand that you want to have all the information you need before enrolment as this is an important decision.